Sunday, September 19, 2010


A short, experimental film exploring/questioning the idea of "reality" as a construct, using repetive motions-both fluid and machine-like as metaphors for this idea.

2 parallel videos running on loop (either on two projectors or split screen)
one video "organic" the other "artificial"

both videos begin with a shot of a black and white cat with 3 balls of yarn
the "organic" video zooms in on the cat, transitioning into a dancer dancing in a forest.
the "artificial" video zooms in on the yarn balls and cuts to a scene where 3 pairs of hands are rolling the yarn back onto the balls and slamming the yarn balls down the line (at the same time) in sort of a machine-belt motion.

as this is going on in the "artifical" video, in the "organic" video, the dancer is dancing to the same rhythm as the hands moving the yarn, but the dancer is alone and her movements are much less rigid than those of the hands.

after a while of establishing the rhythm of the yarn motion, 2 pairs of hands slam the yarn down like usual, but the 3rd pair, the one on the end stops and begins to open up the yarn, discovering fragments of mirrors inside of it.

while this is happening, the dancer (in the "organic" video) stops, and begins to dig in the dirt, eventually discovering the same mirror fragments.

the films both end on the same shot of the cat playing with the yarn. (maybe the yarn is all over/entangling the cat now)


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