Monday, September 6, 2010

science is fiction/fictions do exist

so, first of all, best night ever ^^^^^
the next screening will be Taste of Cherry + a Kurosawa short at 8 on Sept 11th
The Dairy 2010 Court Street


Up to a Certain Point, Panleve, Alec Soth (Glass Jars), and Superstar are the almost-documentaries that interest me the most (so far). All of these films merge documentary with experimental narrative fiction. As far as an "actual" documentary goes, Hearts and Minds is probably the best one I've seen. It contextualized interview footage with soldiers and civilians from both sides within a larger context of what was going on in pop culture to influence the war.

As far as what I want to make goes, I'm interested in the idea of competition.

some forms of competition I'm thinking of (these could benefit from some specificity):

craigslist singles ads
dating as a competition for romance, for an idealized, marketed "love"
america's obsession with football/sports/celebrities/fights
"reality" shows
make over shows

competition freewrite-
cyclical, marketed, promotes the continuation of capitalism, dating, images of what love should look like, how these images benefit the elite-ex. disney relies on promoting family values, these values produce generations that believe them, and these generations buy/support disney, same theory for how women should appear/behave, football, pageants, american idol, the standards for success, how these standards effect not only america, but all of the countries with american/western influence, women/"others" cast as performers, performers, performers, stages, curtains, desire, projections, the could be should be would be, the subjunctive, the reason reality shows are so popular, this pretend freedom as a form of oppression, how to make this real, not existent only in theory, this is real, the theory comes from the real, this happens to humans, FICTIONS DO EXIST, and they do influence the lives of people who live them, how long can we lie, how long can we perfect lying, how long can we find the lie in someone else, and what "truth" do we have to compare the lie to? how do we find a specific question to ask? commodified identities, how do we even begin to address this?

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